Ch7 Thailand

CH7 was formerly known as Bangkok Colour Television (another one was Bangkok Television, now Channel 5). It was managed by the Royal Thai Army and broadcasts from Bangkok. This broadcast area was only limited to Bangkok Metropolitan Area only and broadcasts in Bangkok.

The channel targets Thai-speaking viewers; American English and Hong Kong Cantonese programmes are also shown in this channel.

Channel 7’s officially launching ceremony night was 27 November 1967 at 19:00 Bangkok Time and was officially launched by Prime Minister of Thailand’s Father Thanom Kittikachorn. It was originally planned for a national expansion and started national television broadcasting on 1 January 1972.

CH7 currently broadcasts on a VHF band. In the Bangkok Metropolitan Area the VHF channel is 7 (analog) and broadcasts under UHF using digital television network for CH7HD. CH7 is also available over TrueVisions on Channel 3. It broadcasts 24-hours daily.



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