MVTV Channel


MVTV Channel station A station with a satellite transmitter. Nationwide
And more than 22 countries worldwide. With satellite TV signals in Cable TV and Internet can be seen on Channel 4 follows.

1. to receive signals from satellites directly in Thaicom 5 satellite C-BAND system using radio frequency.
Transponder: 78.5E Thaicom 5
Frequency: 3585 MHz FEC: 5/6.
Symbol rate: 30000 Msym / s or black. (Receiver from 5 feet or 150 cm. Or more).
Polarize: Vertical

MVTV watch channels on the satellite box has the PSI 66, GMMZ 127, Big4 75, Dtv 54 and TRUE 189.
FIVE watch channels on the satellite box PSI 51, GMMZ 203, Big4 194, Dtv 52 and TRUE 170.
Watch Channel Mix Major Channel via satellite box PSI 70, GMMZ 75, Big4 124 and TRUE 104.
Watch Modern India TV channels via satellite box PSI 82, GMMZ 105 and Big4 106.
Watch the Asian Major Channel has officially been through Online Live Streaming.

2. Cable TV systems across the country.
3. Through INTERNET
4. Through MVTV Application – Download able to watch both iOS and Android.
5. Application and the Smart Box of AIS and TRUE.



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