Now26 TV


Now26 TV, a digital television company. Bangkok Business and Broadcasting Limited, a subsidiary Sting Nations. Offering news items The identity of the channel is established when the first news and analysis of the current economic situation. But later in the year 2559 the Telford revised format of the news channel by channel basis general NOW began to experiment aired on April 2, 2557 Due to the Nation. TV launched the day before the announcement aired on April 2 instead of the original April 1, but has previously broadcast satellite system in name. Business TV can then be viewed on channels such as the “Apocalypse” by that time the identity of the screen to rotate (Flip) switch between the TV Now to Bangkok. Then later, in late June 2557, has 26 filling stations in the identity and later in the year 2559 the Telford justify a new identity as a green circle with the numbers 26 and. NOW literally doing at the bottom of the 26th.


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