Voice TV


Voice TV for the rapidly changing new media and the growth of the network. Internet The mobile digital TV and the emergence of openness. Multimedia communications technology gives consumers new access to information and entertainment anywhere and any time, quickly meet the different needs of each individual.

Voice TV is the perfect combination of a highly experienced team and associates are. Representative of a new generation From various disciplines work together professionally. With the goal of producing the highest quality news and content. All presented through the screening process research and meticulous production, but fast to meet the needs of a variety of different and exotic, always with the goal of The Best Smart Content For Smart People.

Voice TV audience reach of 22 million homes nationwide through TV, digital terrestrial, satellite, cable television nationwide. And connect with your audience anytime, anywhere through Internet TV and Mobile TV include presentations via the Web site.

Link: http://live.voicetv.co.th/


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